Discovering The Planet is a Swedish Travel blog, online Travel Magazine, created by Daniela Nasteska Olsson. We, Daniela and Göran, love to travel and discover our beautiful world. Through this site, we want to inspire other to do the same.  Discover the world, both near and far. Our travel blog is today one of the largest and oldest travel blogs in Sweden. It has been awarded several times, the latest award in 2019 as Best Travel Blog by Momondo  You can find more about our previous collaborations here.



We welcome collaborations that are relevant for the the blog and our readers. We would love to work with you on campaigns, press trips, colloborative trips, sponsored articles, Social Media Presence or longer ambassadorships. We are also visible on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube with a total following of 16 500.



We do accept press realeses and samples within all categhories. But we do not ensure exposure, mensions or visibility in our channels. But we will show our readers about products we believe in. For secured exposure contact us for sponsored and editorial articles.



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All our collaborations are marked as such according to the Swedish marketing law and the branch organisations recommendations. But even though we do collaborations, all the opinions and reviews are our own and are not possible to buy. We always keep the right to write what we think. ALL collborative posts are marked.


Disovering The Planet has brand protection in Sweden and is a registred company and has F-skatt.