What´s wrong with Stockholm…


Idag vill jag bara tipsa om en fantastiskt humoristisk researtikel om Stockholm och Sverige. Om du orkar, bör du verkligen ta dig igenom den, även om den är på Engelska.

Brendan Francis Newnam, till vardags känd som radioprogramledare i USA, reagerar starkt på vad han ser när han gör ett besök i Stockholm. “What’s wrong with Stockholm?, a $22 martini. And this wasn’t a martini served with gold flakes and unicorn eyelashes, either. In fact, it was barely a martini.” Tänk att det ska behövas en Amerikan för att lära oss mer om Sverige, och kanske få oss förstå att vi inte alltid är så vanliga som vi kan tro i Sverige… Här är tre små korta stycken ur den långa artikeln…

“You should know that almost everyone on Sweden speaks English, everyone has a minimum of five weeks vacation, and most people have vacation homes — with 600,000 summer cottages, it has the highest number of second homes per capita in the entire world.”

“The next day, we skipped breakfast and went directly to “fika,” a noun/verb that means “break,” as in coffee break. A coffee break that is usually accompanied by sweet baked goods. The cinnamon bun is the local favorite, but I fell hard for cardamom buns, which have all the same gooey texture as cinnamon buns but with a hot edge courtesy of the cardamom. “Fika” is a big part of Swedish culture. Blending work with coffee breaks with friends and colleagues is one way to achieve “lagom,” another hardly translatable Swedish word that roughly means “just enough.” Not too much. Not too little.”

“The rest of our trip was filled with these sort of frustratingly beautiful and pleasant truths about Sweden: public transportation that was clean and on time. More vibrant neighborhoods than you are able to explore in a week, from schmancy Ostermalm to the medieval splendor of Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s old town). Superb design everywhere, from light switches to community bikes (!).”

Källa: [edition.cnn][Dagens PS]

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